Yesterday Amcom Technology, a software development company based in San Francisco, announced that they did some extensive analysis when choosing the framework for their next big CRM project and had chosen ColdBox. The analysis document is very straightforward and very informative. You can find the link to it in their press release.

In his statement, Tariq Ahmed, Manager of Product Development, points out the following:

From a technical level, our own experiences and research showed that all the MVC Frameworks we evaluated were generally equal in performance and scalability. However we found that ColdBox offered distinct advantages in other areas; particularly the toolkit nature of the project which offers various features like debugging, custom exception handling, interceptors, and AOP error logging abilities, but also the fine grain ability to hook in and extend the Framework.

From a business perspective, it was a no brainer. The level of documentation rivals professional technical publication teams. And the high degree of long term persistent development activity on the project provides security in the sense that these guys have an unlimited amount of passion to remain committed at that level for so long.