Canon is truly awesome. I bought a Canon Elph SD 100 back in december of 2003 and it has been a truly great camera. This year for some reason the lens gave out and I was truly dissapointed. I was not looking forward to chuggin another $450 for a new camera, since this one did what I need it. So I decided to write to Canon to see if they had any kind of repairs for this type of camera. In a matter of 3 days I had a paid return shipment on my door. I placed the camera and off it went to those nice Canon factories. In two weeks, I received a package with my camera fixed, FREE OF CHARGE!! For being a loyal Canon customer. MAN!! Is this customer service or what. Well, if not I would not even be writing this entry. So there you go, I think Canon is awesome, I am a true loyal customer now.