Charlie has written a nice intro of our first IECFUG meeting that is finally taking place here in Southern California. If you live in the LA area or surrounding area, this will be a great group for you to join and discuss CF to your heart's content. If you are a speaker or want to be a speaker, contact us via our mailing list or at [email protected]

when:friday, july 6 / 7:00pm
where: cal poly pomona 98C 4-27
what:seeing as how it's our inaugural meeting, we'll briefly discuss some of the overall goals of the group.

but the big news is... railo!  the railo team will be in town to talk about the railo CFML engine.  how does it differ from ColdFusion?  how is it the same?  why you should take some time to evaluate it.

have you already used it, but have questions?  they'll be more than happy to answer.

Thanks go to Sami and Charlie for making this possible.