Due to the significant enhancements on ColdBox, the 1.2.0 release now becomes 2.0.0. Why?

Well, almost all of my planning for a major release have been done so that is why. I am migrating everything for this and I apologize for the confusions, but this release is deservant of its own version.

You can read more on this release at the Trac Site

Another important change with this release is a license change. I have moved the framework to an Apache 2 License. This is to facilitate organizations who would like to build on top of ColdBox. This will be a less constrictive license for users and better for the developers and organizations who use ColdBox.

Apart from the license duties, you must leave the copyright notices intact in the source code. A visible powered by coldbox logo or text is optional, and not mandatory. Also, please note that work on this project is of my free-will, so your donations go a long way to maintain this project alive. So you can Donate via paypal.

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Thanks again for your support and stay tuned as more will be revealed in the following days as the launch of 2.0.0 gets near.