Well, yet another ColdBox release!! This one is an exciting one as we approach the 2.1.0 release. More unit testing capabilities, less restrictions, more fixes and more great stuff. This release thanks to God's grace on permitting me do thing I though I could not do. So here is the list of fixes, features and updates. Ohh by the way, a whole new Dashboard is also release, version 2.2.0 with full Railo support, more application generation capabilities, BlueDragon 7 support, and more.

ColdBox 2.0.2

* Full Railo 2.0 Support

* Full BlueDragon 7 support

* Application Template updated with new Unit Testing Suites, and new base unit test handler.

* New and Updated Eclipse Snippets with unit test skeletons.

* Docs updated to reflect changes

* Discovery of CFML engine and version and store in ColdBoxSettings

* BlueDragon 7 Charting - Enable for OCM

* Samples Gallery updated with i18n Fixes.

* Logger plugin compliance to coldfusion 8 eclipse plugins.

* Customizable event variable name via config.xml, no more only 'event' you can now choose your own.

* ExceptionService - if custom bug report fails, error calling exception handler Fixed.

* Unit Testing Controller, Base Test And Test Suites,You can even use the setnextevent method now.

* Request Context - New Methods for DefaultLayout, DefaultView, and ViewLayouts

* BugReport use new event methods for reporting.

* Default View Setting alongside Default Layout, you can now also choose a default view.

* IncludeUDF() method for handlers/Plugins - You can now programmatically mix-in methods into any handler and plugin. Advanced OO features.

* Critical Fix for Concurrency issue on config reloads

* Concurrency locks for OCM - friendlier locks

* ColdSpring ColdBox Proxy Factory: ColdboxFactory.cfc, you can now use this factory in your coldspring declarations to get a reference to the current running coldbox controller, instantiate plugins, and configuration beans.

* setnextEvent - proxy updates to grab the last part of the cgi script_name Fix

* ColdBox OCM - expireAll() new method, will expire all objects in the cache.

* Code optimization and cleanup.

* Now includes a cheat sheet.

As you can see, action-packed like always.

Dashboard 2.2.0

* New Application generator, with unit test suites, event names and much more.

* Railo support finalized, will be released later as a railo archive.

* Cosmetic additions

* Cleanup and optimization.

As always, thank you for your support. Please support open source. You can download the bits from the Downloads location.