Well, my secret project is out of the bag today. I have been working in embedding a remote proxy into ColdBox in order to enable remote applications like Flex and AIR to communicate with ColdBox and provide an event model for our model. If that makes sense!! Well, so what do we get? This feature lets you create an event driven model that can easily be called from any flex/air application. Not only that, but you can reinitialize the entire application, get settings, and yes, announce custom or core interceptions. You can create custom interceptor chains for your model that can be executed asynchronously when a user hits a save record button for example. The possibilities are endless.

Not only that, but this enables you to actually create two front ends using the same reusable ColdBox and model code. The code is the same, you create event handlers, you interact with a request collection, with core and custom plugins, but you don't set views or layouts because the framework is now a remote framework for your model. So what do you do, well, return data, arrays, xml, value objects. Anything, right from withing the event handlers.