I have been deliberating whether to open the SVN repo to anonymous access so people interested in the project can actually test new builds and ideas. Since the framework has been receiving an overwhelming response and my commitment to the project has been growing and brewing. I have decided to open SVN access to the repository. Below you will find the connection information.

CAUTION: checking out the latest builds, means using bleeding edge and probably not yet tested software, use with caution

On another note, I have been giving myself a break from the development process due to the fact of me starting new employment at ESRI. However, as I am getting into a routine now, you will start to see the development process going forward.

I forgot the access info (Ooops):

svn co http://ortus.svnrepository.com/svn/coldbox/coldbox/trunk --username nightlybuild

or via https://secure.svnrepository.com/s_lmajano/coldbox/coldbox/trunk --username nightlybuild

username: nightlybuild

pass: nightlybuild