Hello Documentation Fans!! (Silence....)

I guess there are none!! Anyways, I have just spend most of my precious time updating almost all of the guides and content of the wiki for the upcoming 2.0.0 release. So you can head over to the ColdBox Trac Site and get your fix on all types of new, revised and out of hand documentation. You get more screen shots, samples, eye-candy and more.

Below are some of the revised and new content:

* External Resources Added

* IRC Channel Information

* Overview Guide UML Diagrams

* Install Guide

* Event Handlers Guide

* Plugins Guide

* i18n Guide

* ColdBox Exceptions List & Descriptions

* ColdBox URL Actions

* ColdBox Caching Guide

* My First Event Handler

* My First Custom Plugin

* My First Exception Handler

* Caching Objects Example

* Creating a message box style class

* Custom Exception Template

* Timer Plugin Example : How to time your code

As you can see, there are tons of new documentation, better organization and updated content. So get your documentation fix by heading over the the documentation site.