ColdBox: How long should the Debug Cookie last?

ColdBox: How long should the Debug Cookie last?

Posted by Luis Majano
Feb 22, 2007 00:00:00 UTC
This is a question for you to answer. ColdBox supports the mode of being in debug mode or not. It does so, by placing a cookie on your browser so you can see the debugging panel only with that cookie set. The question is, how long should that cookie live? What should the expiration time be?

Any suggestions?



Hi Luis,

I think 30 minutes, as sessions default expiry is 30 minutes, so this cookie should be 30 minutes expiry time.

Dan Wilson


Perhaps it could be left up to the user to clear the cookie when they have finished the debugging?

A link or a special URL perhaps to clear the cookie?



I agree with Sana that the time out for a cookie should be defaulted to the session timeout. If you are working constantly on the site, the debug will last beyond 30 minutes. The big issue is that if you stop work and come back to the site, you don't always want debug still enabled. I think having it auto expire is a good thing.

Luis Majano


You can clear the cookie by just setting debugmode=false once you are done. But we all know that sometimes we are lazy and basically forget, like 90 year old brians!!

So an automatic timeout, would allow security and also peace of mind.

I think 30 minutes is reasonable. Any more suggestions.

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