I just updated the previous unit testing guide over at the Trac site with a much more in depth overview of unit testing in ColdBox. It covers on how ColdBox does unit testing for your handlers, how you can create unit tests, unit test suites, how to integrate to Sean Corfields' cfcUnit facade to CFEclipse's CFUnit plugin and much more. In depth with Pictures, for those fellows that like pictures better than words!!

Overall, in ColdBox you can create unit tests for your event handlers, which are your application's events. You can then test the entire application without rendering any HTML. This is the first time you can unit test you entire application via events and Coldbox is the first framework to bring it to you. This helps like you have no idea!! TEST TEST TEST!! No more excuses and if it weren't that easy, the ColdBox Dashboard, when you generate an application, it will also generate the unit tests for the application. So all you have to do is fill in the blank!! Come on, is that easy!! Give it a try!!