Well, it is almost a week since my announcement of ColdBox and here are the updates on my progress.

  • The dashboard is complete with the framework auto-update feature included
  • i18N support via resource bundles is complete, you can now internationalize your applications via the config.xml and one simple getresource method. It takes more time to create the resource bundles than to actually enable multi-language support.
  • Samples gallery application finished in both English and Spanish
  • Quick Start Guide almost finished.

What is keeping me back from opening the source is the Quick Start Guide. I want to be able to provide some decent and abundant documentation, so from now on, that is the only task I am doing. This guide will give you an overview of the framework, how to use it, why use it, why not to use it, and more.

Now to the Dashboard preview. Below you can see some thumbnails of the sections of the Dashboard and brief descriptions: