On my last post, Sami Hoda, pointed out the following:

How about an architectural comparison between Coldbox and other frameworks to give existing frameworks people perspective?

And I think it is a great idea to give reference on what ColdBox can do and how does it compare to other frameworks. However, I do need some help from you (Developers) to post exactly what you want to compare. I can ramble and ramble, but I would prefer to get a listing of what exactly needs comparison. So please post all your questions about this framework and I will start gathering the answers and posting them. Please try to be specific, give examples if possible, I have not used all the frameworks out there and I am no expert on any of them, except my own, :)

Here are some questions that I came up with:

  • What are ColdBox plugins?
  • What is the difference between a ColdBox event handler and a Model Glue controller?
  • How does model calls differ from ColdBox than Model Glue?
  • How are views in ColdBox different than in Model Glue?
  • Why does ColdBox have Layouts and views, while Model Glue only has views?
  • Coldbox can use UDF libraries, can other framework use them?
  • Do I code in my config.xml like Model Glue/Mach II in Coldbox

These are just some. So please bombard me with what needs answering, I will try my best to conjure up excellent answers.

Have a good night.