I just recently bought my intel powered macbook pro and what a sweet machine it is. However, after some period of time of heavy usage, the machine becomes a HEATER!! The temperature revs up to almost 140 degrees farenheit and I dare anybody to place it on their laps. However, I was recently referred to a handy tool called smcFan Control. This tool will control your interior fans and you can increase the rpms on it in order to cool down the machine. It is absolutely impressive.

Here is the link:

smcFan Control

When I am working on the lap I usually keep the rpm's at around 2500 or 3000 and the machines runs sweet at only 100 degrees farenheit. When I am doing heavy compiling or encoding I rev it up to around 4000 and the machines stays cool. The only thing to watch out for is battery life. The more rev's the more juice it will require, so you decide, a burned leg or less battery life.

Hope this helps to all you new Intel Core Mac Users.