I am starting a weekly series inspired by a co-worker and friend of mine at Sandals, Gary Tucker. He started his weekly series in our internal network, and I believe that his content applies for any company or employee out there that has a not so great working environment or is in the process of achieving one.

I believe that if we are in a position of leadership, then we should be the first ones to guide, serve and direct our workers to a more respectful and stable working environment. I hope that this series can inspire you to improve your work ethic and environment. I would greatly appreciate your comments and suggestions, I know that everybody deals with the issues I will expose.

Servant + Leader = Servant Leader
What !!!!!
We all know about servants and we all know about leaders. But have you heard about a servant leader - A leader who leads by serving and serves by leading. I believe that the IS department is a service department. Whether it is answering a call about a broken mouse or creating an application for the company, in every aspect each person in here serves the rest of the company. However, we are also one of the leaders because we are the ones that lead the company into new technology, new ways of marketing and distributing our product and new ways of making our product available 24/7 to our customers.
If we are to be the servant leaders of this company, we have to begin in our department, where each person serves the other regardless of rank, race, religion, gender, etc . So the attitude that you should try to have always is one of "How can I serve you today".
PS -who is getting me breakfast this morning? What's your opinion?


What is your opinion? Also, if you have any suggestions for weekly topics, let me know.