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ColdBox license agreement on logo, web assets, documentation and more

Posted by Luis Majano
13 Nov 2007 12:00 AM
I have updated the ColdBox license agreement for logos, web assets, documentation and much more. You can find it here:

The license agreement describes the frameworks Apache 2 license and the updated license for all the content, logo, web assets and documentation, THEY ARE TWO SEPARATE ENTITIES AND LICENSES. So please check it out, so you can be informed and understand what you are abiding by the provided licenses.

To clarify and summarize, The ColdBox framework is under the Apache 2.0 license and its fully usable for commercial and non-commercial works. The website content, documentation, logos and assets are SOLE property of Luis Majano & Ortus Solutions, Corp and under a different license, So please read the license.

Dashboard problems on RC1

Posted by Luis Majano
12 Nov 2007 12:00 AM
I just realized that the compilation under cf8 will not work in cf7. Therefore, I will have to alter my compilation scripts to do cf7 and cf8 compilations for the Dashboard. Expect an update for the dashboard in the RC1 package by the end of the weekend. This should be easy to setup so I can deliver a cf8 and cf7 compiled dashboard.

ColdBox 2.5.0 RC 1 updated, please download fix.

Posted by Luis Majano
11 Nov 2007 12:00 AM
I have just updated three critical fixes on the RC1 bits that I forgot to include in my script and on my tests. The fixes encompasses the following:

1) Applications running off a root where not registering the handlers property. This has been solved.

2) The multi-threaded logger for coldfusion 8 and bluedragon 7 has been updated with the correct attributes that where missing.

3) The multi-threaded cache manager for coldfusion 8 and bluedragon7 has been updated with the correct attributes that where missing.

That's it folks, sorry for the excitement. Please give the download a try again.

These errors where reported by Sana Ullah, so thanks so much Sana!! You are always helping out and making ColdBox better.

Enjoy and God Bless.

Download from here

Upgrading to 2.5.0 Important Notes!

Posted by Luis Majano
11 Nov 2007 12:00 AM
If you are upgrading to 2.5.0 RC 1 from previous versions, please make sure that you use the updated Application.cfc and index.cfm files in the Application Template folder. Application.cfc support has changed a lot of how the framework boots up and it has gotten more solid as the release approaches. However, changes have been made since the first beta of 2.5 and will solidify until the release.

So if you are upgrading, please make sure you upgrade your Application.cfc and index.cfm file templates. 2.5 supports Application.cfm still, however, you must use the index.cfm template to include the /coldbox/system/coldbox.cfm file.


ColdBox 2.5.0 RC 1 is now Online!!

Posted by Luis Majano
10 Nov 2007 12:00 AM
I have accelerated development on the framework and I have gone to RC 1. Please test this build as the next is the final release. The only feature still missing is SES support which development has started today. This build includes event and view caching and the guides on how to use these features are already located on the wiki.

The most significant new features are event caching, view caching, folder layout combinations where a folder can be declared with a layout and all views will inherit the current folder layout, more interception, finalized coldbox proxy for Flex/Air integrations, more samples and caching updates. There have been numerous updates to the internal core to stabilize it and actually make it faster. Tons of fixes and updates.

Another big surprise on this build is that new features from ColdFusion 8 and BlueDragon 7 are in place. The framework detects its CFML engine and actually assembles itself accordingly. So now, the ColdBox cache is multi threaded and the logger plugin is also multi threaded.

You can find the release notes for this update at the following location:

You can find the new RC at the ColdBox Forums:

So go ahead and welcome to a new WORLD!!

Down & Dirty With ColdBox 2.5.0 - Who, What, Why? at the ColdFusion Meetup next Thursday

Posted by Luis Majano
09 Nov 2007 12:00 AM
I will be presenting at the ColdFusion meetup group next week Thursday. So please check it out:

I will be presenting on the up and coming 2.5.0 release, so new features and sneek peeks will be shown. So Please RSVP!!

Josh Highland on Transfer ORM Presso!!

Posted by Luis Majano
07 Nov 2007 12:00 AM
My friend Josh Highland has a great entry about our Transfer presentation last week at our CFUG. I have the privilege to work with him at ESRI, so check his blog out, he has some insaaaanee!! stuff out there.

ColdBox Nightly Builds now available!

Posted by Luis Majano
06 Nov 2007 12:00 AM
Thanks to Rob Gonda., ColdBox now has nightly builds. You can download the nightly build from the following location:

I have added the information to the wiki and will be updating the other locations soon. The task runs at 12:00 AM every day. When you unzip the build, you will see a build file included, so you know which one it is.

IECFUG: Mark Mandel on Transfer Recording

Posted by Luis Majano
03 Nov 2007 12:00 AM
Mark finished his Transfer presentation for our CFUG today and again, what an excellent presentation. If you have not been using Transfer then you need to!! Check out the recording here:

Thanks again Mark for giving us part of your Saturday and presenting!! It was truly an awesome presso.

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