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ColdBox 1.2.0 Beta is out. Come and get it.

Posted by Luis Majano
20 Feb 2007 12:00 AM
Finally you can test drive the up and coming ColdBox 1.2.0. There are so many improvements and enhancements to list here.

Below is a sample of the readme. The most notable improvements are IoC integration (coldspring/lightwire), ColdBox in-memory caching manager for event handler caching, plugin caching, custom plugin caching and custom data caching (Event template caching is coming...). The cache is unique, since it displays in the debugging panel the effectiveness of the cache in hits and misses, the amount of items in cache, what items are in the cache, and the reaping parameters. Event handler packages, datasource aliases, and much more.

1.2.0 Milestone Information

I will be updating all the guides this week for 1.2.0, so please be patient with me as there is considerable documentation for this release.

Please look at the samples gallery, and the most notable is the ColdBoxReader. It has been updated to a services architecture and also uses ColdSpring and ColdBox's new IOC plugin, so please check it out.

Well, just head out to the forums to get your brand new 1.2.0 beta.

Click here for the 1.2.0 Beta

Please make sure to posts you comments and suggestions in the forums, also the bugs. This is important. I need your feedback.

I will be posting more information in the coming days. So stay tuned.

Transitioning from Fusebox 4 to Coldbox!

Posted by Luis Majano
14 Feb 2007 12:00 AM
My good friend and collaborator Aaron Conran, just posted a very interesting article on how to migrate your fusebox apps to coldbox. Also it explains some of the benefits you achieve.

You can find the article here

Transitioning from Fusebox to ColdBox

Expose for Windows!!

Posted by Luis Majano
12 Feb 2007 12:00 AM
For those of you who love Mac OS X and expose, here is a little tool that will bring some sanity to Windows. It is now expose in all of its glory, but it does the job. If you are like me, a Mac OS afficionado that relies on Expose, and have to work on PC's; This will bring some sanity to your work.

Its called: My Expose and you can find it in the following link:

The best thing is that its open source. So yeehaww!! Free

Hope this brings some balance to your work sessions

Great Video explains why Vista is not Mac OS X

Posted by Luis Majano
07 Feb 2007 12:00 AM
This is a great video of why Vista is not a copy of Mac OS X

You be the judge

1.2.0 Event Handler Caching ,continued...

Posted by Luis Majano
06 Feb 2007 12:00 AM
Event handler caching can be turned on/off in your config.xml. However, the default for it will be to true. So in development environments, please keep it to off, if you do not want to be bothered in re-creating the cache.

Remember, that this change involves altering the event bus. However, it has truly simplified the design and brought much needed distinction to framework methods.


var rc = requestContext.getCollection()

writeoutput("My Request is this big: " & requestContext.getSize() );

Example code:

getController().runEvent("event", requestContext);



//Using facade method


//Using true scope


More info to come as development and optimization continue. The repository HAS NOT been updated with the latest code. I am still optimizing and testing. Once I have a stable build I will upload it. As for now, just please hold on to your hats.

1.2.0 Event Handler Caching, your input is required?

Posted by Luis Majano
01 Feb 2007 12:00 AM
This is more of an announcement of the upcoming 1.2.0 features.

Since event handler caching will be instilled into the framework, the

performance is dramatic. It actually, does not make sense to be

creating event handlers for each request. So version 1.2.0 will be the

last version to support uncached handlers. The versions after 1.2.0

will have caching of handlers by default. I see no benefit of

not caching the handlers. And they can easily be recreated by using

fwreinit= url command

So. Since event handler caching actually changes A LOT in event

execution. The methods will receive the request collection object,

instead of the handler being injected with it at creation. What does

this imply? Well, mainly the 'rc' scope will become deprecated. You

can keep it, however, you must var scope it locally.


var rc = arguments.oRC (or whatever the argument is named, still


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