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Curt and his Padawans

Posted by Luis Majano
23 Apr 2010 08:51 PM

Curt and his Padawans

Originally uploaded by lmajano

We had today several awesome presentations at CFObjective and our awesome jedi Curt, presented on MockBox in less than 6 minutes. We also had fun being his padawans. Awesome job Curt!

CFObjective 2010 slidedeck and code

Posted by Luis Majano
23 Apr 2010 12:10 PM
If you where not able to attend my ColdBox 3.0.0 presentation at CFObjective (Shame on you!), now you can at least see the presso and the source code we used.  Just head out to our wiki and download it now.

To those who attended, thank you very much!


Scotch on the Rocks here I come!

Posted by Luis Majano
11 Apr 2010 12:00 AM
I am super pleased to announce that I will be presenting at scotch on the rocks this May in London, UK.  My session will be on the magical ColdBox Platform.  If you have not seen the scotch on the rocks website, please do as it is really awesome.  This will be my first Scotch, so I am pretty excited.

Not only will I speak, but I will be holding a 3 day training session for CBOX-101 and a 1 day of full hands on development using ColdBox.  There are still seats available, so go over to our discount site and get registered with a hefty hefty discount.

CF.Objective is almost here, trainings galore!

Posted by Luis Majano
01 Apr 2010 12:00 AM

CF.Objective is almost 3 weeks away and man am I excited!  If you have not attended CF.Objective before, you should be, as it is the premier advanced ColdFusion/Flex/Air conference.  It was been a great delight to participate in this conference and this year promises to be really awesome also.  One thing different about this year is that we have amazing trainings happening before the conference at very awesome prices.  Of course, I will be there teaching CBOX-100 for our 1 day workshop and course.  There are also the following amazing classes:

So if you still are undecided, then DECIDE!! Come on over and hang out with us and learn fun stuff!!

CFObjective ColdBox Training, get it while it is hot!

Posted by Luis Majano
12 Feb 2010 12:00 AM

CF.Objective Coldbox:100 Training

April 21 - One Day

Course Description

Intro to ColdBox is an intense 1-day training course that will get you started with ColdBox Application Development. This course focuses on the main aspects of ColdBox Development and it delivers a one-two punch to get you started.


Below is a listing of some of the course requirements or assumptions you will need:

  • Laptop or Personal Computer Basic CFC knowledge Intermediate ColdFusion Knowledge Basic understanding of web applications
  • Basic knowledge of CSS,XML,HTML,JavaScript and AJAX

More information at

Maximum number of students: 20

Price: $500 for Early Rate, $600 Regular Rate

Early Registration Deadline for cf.Objective() is February 14th! Save $100 by Registering Now!

Teaching and Presenting at CF.Objective 2010

Posted by Luis Majano
21 Jan 2010 12:00 AM
I am glad to inform that I will be presenting at CF.Objective 2010 this year in Minneapolis. Unfortunately, it will be only 1 topic, as my other 2 where not accepted (LogBox: Making Logging in ColdFusion Fun again and Powering iPhone Applications with ColdFusion). Hopefully, next year they will allow more topics.

Not only will I will be presenting, but I will be doing a ColdBox 1 Day training course: CBOX-100. So if you will be attending CF.Objective and need to get some ColdBox Training, you can. So I hope to see you there this April.

Want a free ticket to CFUnited?

Posted by Luis Majano
14 Jul 2009 12:00 AM
I just found out that the Railo crew is giving away a free CFUnited entry ticket. So if you want to attend CFunited on somebody else's dime, now you can :)

ColdBox Training at CFUnited 2009

Posted by Luis Majano
18 Jun 2009 12:00 AM
I am happy to say that I will be able to go to CFunited this year and do a 1 Day training on ColdBox Development. The price is just right and the facilities look great. I am super excited to be able to give this training at CFUnited, so if you have not yet registered, please do so by visiting the registration link here.

If you want more information about the training, then visit the course page here:

In a nutshell, you will receive the cbox-100 training materials, which are over 300 pages worth of documentation, training, exercises, resource CD, goodies, and Official ColdBox Schwag.

Back From CF.Objective

Posted by Luis Majano
18 May 2009 12:00 AM
I got back from CF.Objective this Saturday night and what a great conference. I had the privilege to speak for my second year at CF.Objective and I really enjoy this conference. The high energy and advanced topics is definitely what I enjoyed the most. For this year the sessions that I really enjoyed where Marc Esher's Test Driven Development, Sean Corfield's CFSpec discussion, the Git BOF, the Railo BOF and the new ORM cf9 features.

I think the most enjoyable BOF I attended was git lead by Peter Bell and Simeon Bateman, those guys KNOW THEIR STUFF!! Peter even posted the git pressos that I will be studying for quite a while. I am really starting to consider more an more a move to GIT for the entire ColdBox suite. Simeon had some EXCELLENT day to day cases and great explanations of how GIT differs from SVN. Thanks Simeon and Peter!!

Another important part of CF.Objective where my mocking and testing discussions with Bill Shelton from the MXUnit Team. It was uncanny that we where both developing some kind of mocking frameworks and our ideas where eerily similar. We definitely got our Mock On and discussed so many improvements for the upcoming MXUnit MightyMock and the new ColdBox Addition: MockBox!! I really enjoyed our session Bill and hopefully we can join forces on this one!!

CBOx-100 Training at CF.Objective Register Now

Posted by Luis Majano
29 Apr 2009 12:00 AM

We will be holding a pre-conference training at CF.Objective 2009 for ColdBox.

Below you can find information about the course and how to register. Don't miss the opportunity to learn all there is not know about ColdBox!

What is CBOX-100? Intro to ColdBox is an intense 1-day training course that will get you started with ColdBox Application Development. This course focuses

on the main aspects of ColdBox Development and it delivers a one-two punch to get you started.

Event Details:

Registration: or email [email protected] so you can add the training course.

Pre-conference classes are a separate cost from the main CF.Objective event.


Hyatt Regency Minneapolis


May 13, 2009


9:00am - 5:30pm



Seats per class:


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