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Josh Highland on Transfer ORM Presso!!

Posted by Luis Majano
07 Nov 2007 12:00 AM
My friend Josh Highland has a great entry about our Transfer presentation last week at our CFUG. I have the privilege to work with him at ESRI, so check his blog out, he has some insaaaanee!! stuff out there.

IECFUG: Mark Mandel on Transfer Recording

Posted by Luis Majano
03 Nov 2007 12:00 AM
Mark finished his Transfer presentation for our CFUG today and again, what an excellent presentation. If you have not been using Transfer then you need to!! Check out the recording here:

Thanks again Mark for giving us part of your Saturday and presenting!! It was truly an awesome presso.

Brian LeGros on Common Revision Controls Recording

Posted by Luis Majano
12 Oct 2007 12:00 AM
Brian LeGros just finished his presentation on Common Revision Control with Subversion and man what a presso!! I had no idea how to really put SVN into work. He went over how subversion works, its internals, the different methodologies and ways to work on team environments. If you have not been exposed to Subversion or revision control systems, I really encourage you to watch this presentation.

Thanks Brian, great job!!

Recording link:

Brian LeGros Presenting at the IECFUG this Friday: SVN

Posted by Luis Majano
08 Oct 2007 12:00 AM
Brian LegGros will be doing a common revision controls presentation at the October meeting of the IECFUG this Friday. Brian will be showing hands on examples on development methodologies and a very very expert look into Subversion.I saw his presentation he gave at Adogo and some very good stuff.

The session will be recorded if you can't catch it live at the following address at 7pm Pacific:

ADOGO User Group is here!!

Posted by Luis Majano
09 Jul 2007 12:00 AM
Congratulations to the ADOGO group for getting their user group status. Adam, Brian and Maxim, congrats on this. Maybe we can share presenters and topics.

First IECFUG meeting Summary: Railo CFML Engine.

Posted by Luis Majano
07 Jul 2007 12:00 AM
This past friday was our ignaural IECFUG meeting at Cal Poly Pomona and it was an incredible success. We had 9 members show and the Railo crew presenting their latest Railo CFML Engine. The presentation was a two hour galore of Railo features and capabilities. Let me tell you I was impressed by the maturity of this product and how FAST IT IS!! The new kid on the block is not joking around!! So here are my notes from the Railo Presentation, if I misunderstood something, please correct me. Ohh by the way, ColdBox is 100% compatible with Railo.

Railo 2.0 RC 3

  • Main focus in performance.
  • New Architecture
  • Two administrators
  • Railo Archives
  • Resources
  • Performance
  • Different Security Settings
  • New Tags & Functions

Railo Architecture

  • Many web contexts

    • Each context are logically separated.
    • A web context corresponds to a web application.
    • Great Security Separation of resources like datasources, mappings, etc.
    • Each user can change his own settings
    • Security is easy to manage
    • Settings are stored in the local context
    • Each web context can have its own locale and time zone, charsets
    • Can have its own base component
    • Application Listener, locate of the Application.cfc or change of modes, where to look, or only server .cfm or mixed, etc.

  • One Installation, its just a Java application.
  • Can be deployed on any servlet application
  • One server administrator for defaults.
    • Global Datasources
    • Global mappings
    • Default Settings
    • Resources

  • One for each local web via contexts


  • Implicit getters and setters, magic functions
  • #oObj# will call its _toString() method implicitly if its defined.
  • serialize() method, will serialize to cfml code. Then I can evaluate it back. Similar to RMI communications.
  • One internal HSQLDB is installed by default.
  • Search engine is LUCENE

    • Administrator can search for items, very Cool

  • Multiple Mail Servers, failover support.
  • Mappings

    • Can use relative or absolute pathing for resources
    • Trusted, will speed up the core application.

  • Archives/Mappings

    • Can exclude or include source files, when doing the archives
    • They are actual jar files that can be executed.
    • Can be assigned to mappings
    • Top Level setting, can simulate virtual directories, so you can use your mappings in the urls

  • Restart Railo via the administrator, really awesome.
  • Update Railo via the administrator.
  • Debugging in cascade mode, can actually replay the queries, for debugging purposes.
  • Debugging to console, great for production applications. It will throw the debug output to the console, with no need to show debug output on the application.
  • Railo Resources

    • Virtual Filesystem, that are available via cffile, cfdirectory, any fle method or tag.
    • Can be ftp, ssftp, zip, ram, http and more.
    • Can even be used as mappings.
    • Can be an entire application zipped up, etc.
    • Reusable Code
    • Ways of distribution.
    • One location for files.

  • Pricing is PHENOMENAL!!

    • Professional Version $300

      • Additional Web Contexts $100

    • Enterprise Version $2,400 (Unlimited Webs)

Charlie Griefer welcoming our first IECFUG meeting!

Posted by Luis Majano
27 Jun 2007 12:00 AM
Charlie has written a nice intro of our first IECFUG meeting that is finally taking place here in Southern California. If you live in the LA area or surrounding area, this will be a great group for you to join and discuss CF to your heart's content. If you are a speaker or want to be a speaker, contact us via our mailing list or at [email protected]

when:friday, july 6 / 7:00pm
where: cal poly pomona 98C 4-27
what:seeing as how it's our inaugural meeting, we'll briefly discuss some of the overall goals of the group.

but the big news is... railo!  the railo team will be in town to talk about the railo CFML engine.  how does it differ from ColdFusion?  how is it the same?  why you should take some time to evaluate it.

have you already used it, but have questions?  they'll be more than happy to answer.

Thanks go to Sami and Charlie for making this possible.

IECFUG Facility Confirmed & First Session with RAILO

Posted by Luis Majano
22 Jun 2007 12:00 AM
I have been working with Charlie Griefer as co-manager of the IECFUG to get it started and he has named me Manager as he will be leaving us soon, just when it starts to get interesting. Anyways, thanks to Sami Hoda's contact at Cali Poly University, we have been

assured a room to hold our CFUG meetings starting on July 6th, 2007

with the crew from Railo CFML engine, They will

be here from Germany to demonstrate Railo and all its features. It

will also be a great meeting to get our CFUG organized, see what

direction we want to take and the presentations we would like to see.

Hope to see you there and get the first official IECFUG off the


The Pomona location is a great central location for both the IE and LA area. So if you are in the LA area and not part of the IECFUG mailing list or considering where to go, please go do so by registering via the mailing list.


Luis Majano

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