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NES on the iPhone!!

Posted by Luis Majano
07 Aug 2007 12:00 AM
My friend Josh Giese, just posted an incredible news item that you can now run NES on your iPhone!! That is totally cool!! Too bad I don't have one, YET!! Hopefully for X-mas. Check this news item as it is totally cool.

How could the iPhone get any better? simple, add classic nintendo games to it!

The code to do it is here

youtube video of it in action is here

iPhone Features by the Onion

Posted by Luis Majano
22 Jun 2007 12:00 AM
I just read this iPhone New Features by the Onion and it is really funny.

Safari on Windows! Where is my .Mac BookMark Sync? Anybody?

Posted by Luis Majano
14 Jun 2007 12:00 AM
As you all now, Apple release a beta of Safari for Windows. Hooray!! This brings me some sanity as at work we use PC's, really really really frustrating, but I am not the owner and well, they make me use it. Anyways, I love my .Mac because on my mac's I can synchronize my bookmars and well all that other stuff. Now with the advent of a Windows Safari, does anybody now if there is a synchronization feature I am missing?? I would love for my windows safari to have all the bookmarks my Mac has? Does anybody know??

Replacing an Ipod Hard Drive

Posted by Luis Majano
19 Jan 2007 12:00 AM
A friend of mine, Josh Highland,

Just directed me to his blog were he has a step by step tutorial on how to update an ipod's harddrive. It is truly awesome and pretty straight forward. This is great if for example your hard drive dies!! You can easily replace it.

Just click here to link to Josh's Blog.

It is a truly awesome entry.

My Intel Mac Runs Really Hot!! What do I do?

Posted by Luis Majano
09 Nov 2006 12:00 AM
I just recently bought my intel powered macbook pro and what a sweet machine it is. However, after some period of time of heavy usage, the machine becomes a HEATER!! The temperature revs up to almost 140 degrees farenheit and I dare anybody to place it on their laps. However, I was recently referred to a handy tool called smcFan Control. This tool will control your interior fans and you can increase the rpms on it in order to cool down the machine. It is absolutely impressive.

Here is the link:

smcFan Control

When I am working on the lap I usually keep the rpm's at around 2500 or 3000 and the machines runs sweet at only 100 degrees farenheit. When I am doing heavy compiling or encoding I rev it up to around 4000 and the machines stays cool. The only thing to watch out for is battery life. The more rev's the more juice it will require, so you decide, a burned leg or less battery life.

Hope this helps to all you new Intel Core Mac Users.

Mac Tip: Quicksilver

Posted by Luis Majano
04 Aug 2006 12:00 AM
I have just been using this excellent program called Quicksilver: you can find it in the address below:

This is a utility for us, Software geeks, that we like to type.

Quicksilver is a unified, extensible interface that lets you easily execute commands and manipulate data across almost every application on your computer.

Using Quicksilver, you can open applications, create an iCal event, play a song on iTunes, or email information from your Address Book to a friend.

You do all this by typing quick commands. Let me tell you this is AWESOME. It can really accelerate your work.

Below is the tutorials section:

Please check them out, they will blow your mind.

Cfcompile for MAC OS X?? Well, it works now.

Posted by Luis Majano
01 Mar 2006 12:00 AM
I have been recently using the cfcompile utility, but under windows and linux. And since I am a Mac convert now, I have been doing all my development on MAC. However, I found out that the installer does not even place the utility in the bin directory of the CFMX installation.

Basically, cfcompile is not supported on MAC OS X (Am I right here???). So I decided to fool around a bit to see if I could figure out why. Well, basically, I created a new case in the script for the Mac OS "Darwin" and made sure that it would point to the correct places to compile the source into java bytecode.

I am attaching the full script for you to try out. Here is a sample of the case for the -deploy argument:



/bin/sh -c "${Setting: _JAVACMD not found} -cp $CLASSES -Dcoldfusion.classPath=$CFUSION_HOME/lib/updates,$CFUSION_HOME/lib -Dcoldfusion.libPath=$CFUSION_HOME/lib Compiler -deploy -webinf $WEBINF -webroot $webroot -cfroot $CFUSION_HOME -srcdir $srcdir -deploydir $deploydir"


I removed the su, since in Mac OS, the cfmx engine runs under the install user. So there was no need to su to that specific user.

I in no way support this tinkering, do at your own risk. I may be doing it wrong or badly, however, it has worked for me.

I am attaching the for you to download.

Hope you enjoy it.

How to Install Apple's Front Row on my Powerbook

Posted by Luis Majano
20 Jan 2006 12:00 AM
I just recently got my new powerbook g4 and it rocks. However, now the new ones came out, intel based and I am hitting myself on the head. They include an integrated ichat and specially Front Row with a remote.

Some googling later, I came up with this article from Andrew Escobar on how to enable Front Row for the powerbook. Awesome blog!! I followed the steps and wallah!! Front Row on my powerbook. All I need now is a remote!! Or maybe just trade it in for the MacBook Pros!!

Here is the link:

Click Here

Bye for now.

Mac Tip Of The Day: Scrolling a web page on the powerbook trackpad?

Posted by Luis Majano
18 Jan 2006 12:00 AM
I am totally amazed day by day by my new apple powerbook. It is an incredible machine. However, when browsing the net without an external mouse, it was really tedious to track to the up/down scroll arrows and click on them, everytime I wanted to scrolll on a site. However, thanks to my geekiness and curiosity, I found out that two finger scrolling is enabled on this incredible machine.

So all you need to do to scroll on a page using your browser or any application by the way,

you just have to place two fingers, any fingers you like, one hand, two hands, whatever, and scroll up or down. Wallah!!!! you got virtual two-finger scrolling. This is truly amazing!!!

Mac Tip Of The Day: Enabling the trackpad tap click

Posted by Luis Majano
18 Jan 2006 12:00 AM
Thanks to a collegue of mine at work, Tom, he needed help on why the mac's trackpad does not produce a click when you tap it like any other pc. Well, the answer is that the mac does not have this feature enabled by default, neither the draggin using the trackpad.

So in order to enable this feature, you must do the following.

1. Open the System Preferences.

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