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Live Writer is Cool!

Posted by Luis Majano
May 05, 2010 22:23:00 UTC

Since I got my new netbook, I decided to dual boot windows 7 and ubuntu 10.4.  I have been a long time Mac user, but I can finally say that windows 7 is so much better than its predecessors.  It doesn’t mean to say that it has its inevitable quirks and weird's things an operating system of these days should not have anymore, like when I want to be an admin, I WANT TO BE AN ADMIN!!! LET ME DO WHAT I WANT!!!

Anyways, I found that permissions in windows 7 are absolute nonsense and just plain stupid.  Apart from that, I have been trying out the suite of live apps, like, live writer, live photo gallery and live mail.  I can totally say I really like them, they are simple, intuitive and easy to setup.  So maybe the OS is still crappy, but the apps are really good.

Anyways, that is my rant of the night, as I type this up in live writer and really liking it.

I upgraded to Ubuntu Dapper 6.06

Posted by Luis Majano
Jun 09, 2006 00:00:00 UTC

I finally got some time to upgrade my ubuntu 5.10 installation to the latest release, Dapper 6.06.   It was as some as a baby's buttocks!! Just updated my sources in /etc/apt/source.list to point to dapper, run my synaptic manager to mark my upgrades, apply and that is it.  Wow!! What a great way to upgrade an entire operating system.  The system now boots up much more faster than it did, the screens look sharper, and overall the system responds more snappier. I still have to check that everything is running as it should, but from what I can see it was a seemless upgarde.

If some of you have still not messed around with this Linux Distro, you have to check it out. In my opinion, it is one of the best I have used in over 10 years.  Easy to install, maintain, operate. And now the released the server version which includes a pre-configured LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP) Server.

In about 15 minutes, the time it takes to install Ubuntu Server Edition, you can have a LAMP server up and ready to go. This feature, exclusive to Ubuntu Server Edition, is available at the time of installation. The LAMP option saves the trouble of installing and integrating each of the four separate LAMP components, a process which can take hours and requires someone who is skilled in the installation and configuration of the individual applications. You get increased security, reduced time to install, and reduced risk of misconfiguration, all of which results in a lower cost of ownership.


They also offer a Live CD option, where if you just want to test it out you can.  I highly recommend this distro and you can download the binaries from here:

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