Thanks to Mr. Charlie Griefer, we just set up the ColdBox IRC channel. You can connect to it via DALNET and then just join the coldbox channel. I will be mostly connected at night (Pacific Time).

This channel is to promote more live responses from the ColdBox community. You will be able to ask me any questions about ColdBox and more of the veteran ColdBox users will also log in and share their ColdBox experiences. So you veteran masters out there, please try to contribute by logging in and sharing your experiences. I will also try to spend more time in the channel on Saturdays to help out anybody wanting to try out ColdBox or just find out more information about this great framework.

Some of the software that you can use to log in to IRC are the following:

So remember: IRC on DALNET

Channel: #coldbox

You can also download the latest build of ColdBox (RC1) here.

See you there...