I just recently downloaded LightHouse Pro by Raymond Camden. Lighthouse pro is a ColdFusion bug tracking application. It is incredibly easy to install and best of all it runs on a MySQL backbone. Actually you can also use access and MS SQL.

It can create different project loci and assign the loci to the projects. You can create different users that will be involved in the projects. Every time an issue is created/revised, emails can be send out to different users. A great statistics page where you can see the QA progress of your projects.

Overall this utility has organized all my debugging and enhancements for my projects. I truly recommend this utility in order to better organize yourselves in your software development.

It is very hard to loose track of bugs and enhancements over the life time of a project and this utility really brings this issues to a close.

Keep up the good work Ray!! I am a true fan!!

LightHouse Pro Project Page