I just finalized two very important guides that I know you will enjoy.

ColdBox ColdSpring Integration Guide

A complete guide of interacting with coldspring from coldbox, how to use it, sample code and features.

Logger Plugin: How to trace messages to the debug Panel

An informative guide of how to trace custom and dynamic messages to the coldbox debugging panel.

Enjoy this two new great guides. More will be posted soon. The 2.0.0 release is reaching its maturity and most likely will be launching by next weekend. I have had a tremendous response with this release and the framework has matured considerable since its 1.1.0 release. The framework is solid, powerful, extensible and faster than ever. The introduction of the coldbox dashboard as a companion application is amazing and it lets you configure your framework installation with ease, learn about your framework, learn about updates and actually report bugs. Future plans for this dashboard include application generators, external tool additions, extensibility, log viewer, etc. So stay tuned as these great tools are in development.

As always, I ask for your contribution to this great project. If you want to contribute with code, ideas, bugs, enhancements, please do so by the following manners:

* [email protected]

* ColdBox Forums

* ColdBox IRC channel on DALNet: #coldbox

Thanks again for your support and stay tuned for more updates to come as development continues. A great place to do live chat's with me and other of the collaborators is on the IRC channel. So please stop by and chat with us as this framework grows.